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Photo Jewelry

Regular Dog Tag

Picture of Sleeping Girl

Often known as the "soldier's dog tag," these gifts are very popular with men. 

Regular Dog Tag
Apx. 2" x 11/4"-$22.95

Regular Dog tag with Cubic Zirconia
Apx. 2" x 11/4"- $29.95

Heart Pendant

Smiling Girls

These pendants make wonderful gifts for women of all ages.

Regular Heart Pendant
Apx. 11/2" x 11/2"- $22.95

Heart Pendant with Cubic Zirconia
Apx. 13/4" x 13/4" -  $29.95

Large Dog Tag


These dog tags are perfect for family photos!

Large Dog Tag with Cubic Zirconia
Apx. 23/4" x 13/4" - $39.95