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Healing and Touch Ups

Woman Immediately After Procedure


Every individual is different. Healing times will vary for each person. The average healing time is around 30 days. During the healing process, pigment colors may appear darker than normal.

They will gradually fade to lighter and more natural shades.

After their procedure(s) our customers will be given care instructions along with a care kit to aid in the healing process.

Touch Ups

After the 30 day healing period, customers can choose to make a touch up appointment. The price of a touch up is not included in the original procedure price. Not all customers want or need a touch up. 

A touch up is not a second procedure. It is not to change color or other major details. A touch uo appointment may be scheduled 30 to 60 days after your original procedure for only $100.

Woman Fully Healed After 30 Days

Specials/Sale of the Month

Here at Angelic Artistry, we believe that the benefits of permanent cosmetics should be available to all our customers. Price should never be a discouragement. View this month's sale below.

All cancer patients will recieve an additional 10% iff eveb our lowest sale price. Call 618–922–4872 if you have any questions.

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